So to get this series of books into print, I hired a different cover designer to make the print editions, and I gave her the same models for the most part of the series but she had a very different version of Christmas and the series.

The original ebook cover is Green for Christmas with a palm tree decorated for Christmas. The print editions of the series used the coffee as a symbol of the series and kept the beach look for all the books but added Christmas frosting. I’m in love with both. So I’m confused if I should keep the ebooks as they are OR change them. I’ll put all the series so you can see the differences.

The print designer for Favorite Crush asked for a new model because the dark picture didn’t show up well on a beach scene.

Then for Favorite Mistake, we found a slightly different photo that also translated well for a beach scene.

For Favorite Sin, we kept the couple. But the striking different hit me hardest with this one.

And now for the last one, Christmas is so different!


So on release week I’ll also be polling lots of people on the direction I should go, especially on Facebook and through my newsletter, but I’m hoping you can help… I can keep both! Should I change the ebooks to match the print editions?

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