5 Men and a Baby

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Daddy Option #1

Happily Single Security Guard Diesel can handle himself in any situation, but one baby at his doorstep challenges him in a way he never expected…

Diesel Bates has never had things handed to him. A product of the foster care system, the retired Marine knows a thing or two about how to survive tough situations. After leaving the service, he’s turned his difficult childhood into a success story. As the head of a private security firm for Miami’s elite, he and a few of his best friends, are a force to be reckoned with, but a surprise is about test Diesel in ways he could’ve never imagined.

Emily Murphy has enough to deal with between the pressures of her accounting job at a private security firm and a little bundle of joy, who appeared out of nowhere and throws life in the office and the lives of everyone on the top-notch security team into chaos. With everyone desperate to find out who fathered the child, and all involved ill-equipped to care for a child, Emily finds herself in a conundrum – help care for the baby out of a sense of duty or out of a growing desire to get closer to her boss?

With every reason not to get involved, can Emily resist the temptation to explore her feelings for Diesel or will she give in to temptation and explore where this plot twist will take her?