A Day in the Life of Marine Captain Cross BEFORE The Zoastra Affair


A Day in the Life of Marine Captain Cross Before The Zoastra Affair

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Marine Captain Cross walked out of the mess hall and reported to duty. Weapons specs littered his workroom. Tonight, the test for the new nano nuclear bomb in the asteroid field would commence. No one in the Seekers had figured out how to use this bomb successfully, and Cross was determined to make it work.

Second Lieutenant Mortlock’s perky voice interrupted his musing. “Captain Cross, I’m getting a personal message for you.” Rosemarie Mortlock’s dark hair, light skin, and pink cheeks made her one of the prettiest women on the ship. But she was the general’s girlfriend and related to the creators of EarthSeekers. So she was off limits.

“Patch us through to Tripod Mast Seven Radar Deck.”

An image appeared on the screen. “Alain-Laurent LeCroix,” a female voice purred. “It’s good to see you again.”

He studied the woman closer. Her dark brown, almost black hair reeked of her French ancestry―the same as his. And her brown eyes with light skin mirrored his own heritage. But they couldn’t be blood related. He had no family left. They’d all died. Yet she looked vaguely familiar.

Her voice reminded him of his dead wife. The memory of his wife flashed in his mind― of meeting her family. This was his former sister-in-law or was the relation forever even if his wife was gone? He wasn’t sure of the protocol. He’d stopped caring.

“Jeannie Frances…why are you calling me?”

“Alain, we were never close. But I needed to ask you a question that’s important to me.”

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