A Day in the Life of Ariel Transcender

A Day in the Life of Ariel Transcender before the Zoastra Affair


PhotoFunia Glamour Regular 2013-09-15 01 01 59“Ariel, you’re missing your sewing class.” Ms. Rochelle’s voice echoed in the halls.

Ariel’s feet pounded to the ground, though her face grimaced. One day she’d figure out how to get off this wretched planet, Sheraton. Someone stole her body and left her in alien teenage hell. One day soon, she’d figure out how the whole thing happened and undo the switch.

Ms. Rochelle’s feet stomped on the stairs. Ariel sucked in her breathe. Did the dragon lady have her ruler? In a fit to disappear, her eyes glanced around the room. There had to be an escape. Her gaze caught the white library door with the golden handle. A smile grew on her face and she darted into the room.

No Sheraton woman read anything but pleasure stories. ‘And she only reads while she waits for her husband.’ Rochelle’s lecture inspired her escape.

Ariel swung open the door then darted into the darkened room.

If she turned the lights on, Rochelle would notice straight away. So Ariel covered her nose then ran into the dusty old part of the library.

In the third aisle to the back, Ariel’s ears perked. Someone opened the door. No. Ariel refused to believe her life was now this horrible. Sewing. Again? Argh. Her feet froze in place.

Then her eyes landed on a book, The Occult History of Sheraton Body Switching.

A smile broke out on her borrowed face. Ariel found it. Her hands grabbed the dirty old novel.

Finally, she could uncover how to fix this mess. She’d find her way off this planet.

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