A Day in the Life of Major Grace Newman before the Zoastra Affair Part Twenty Five

A Day in the Life of Major Grace Newman before the Zoastra Affair Part Twenty Five

PhotoFunia Glamour Regular 2013-09-15 01 01 59Grace and Rosemarie’s eyes locked. “I never wanted to be obvious about it,” Rosemarie said softly.

“Your eyes followed him.”

Rosemarie’s eyes swam in mirth. “Just as your eyes light up near your husband.”

“Peter’s my best friend and my husband and I’m grateful,” Grace replied. She’d never kissed another man, never mind looked. “He told me that you were a good one.”

“Peter and I worked a mission together before you arrived. But every hour of every day he talked about you.”

Grace nodded. Peter loved her. “I shouldn’t have been jealous.”

“You love him, but he hadn’t proposed yet.”

“For a second time.” Grace added with slight arrogance. Peter chose her when he many options.

Rosemarie lifted an eyebrow. “What?”

“Peter and I married when we were eighteen. We agreed to get married again if we both loved each other as adults.” Peter never looked at her in high school, except to copy from. But in their first semester, he moved into her apartment, taking over her life. They married too fast.

“I had no idea.”

Peter Newman would never cheat on her, and she trusted him one hundred percent. But Grace never liked when he talked up another woman— it made the other woman seem somehow dangerous.

“I thought for a second you were competition,” said Grace, not liking her past mistake. Women had thrown themselves at her husband before and after they married, both times. Peter never noticed them. “But then I saw you wanted the general.”


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