A Day in the Life of Major Grace Newman before the Zoastra Affair Part Twenty Six

A Day in the Life of Major Grace Newman before the Zoastra Affair Part Twenty Six


PhotoFunia Glamour Regular 2013-09-15 01 01 59“What about Cross?”

New topic. Good, though she needed to get back to Peter. “What about him?”

“He’s your friend more than anyone else’s.”

Grace knew how wrong she was, and how much Rose could be counted on now. “Cross is a friend. Peter is my husband. He needs to find a good woman.”

“I agree.” Rosemarie nodded her head. “And for a single guy on the ship, he’s too sexy.”

Had he heard that? Grace smiled. The guards were ready to move the women. And Cross made no move to get them out of this. They were pushed ahead. As they marched toward the king’s speech, in the outer hallway both women held hands. Grace reminded herself to keep the faith. The men weren’t here for any other reason. Cross would get them out of here and back to the ship. They needed to stay prepared— to stay ready for battle.

A few minutes later, a fight broke out in the courtyard ahead. Shouting, fighting men blocked the doorway, and the women were stopped short on the march.

Then the outer hallway went black as night. Grace breathed easier as she held Rosemarie’s hands.  She didn’t let go until a hot-blooded man put his hands on her waist and pulled her into him. Captain Cross would get her home.

She sighed, his arms around her felt like a weight being lifted off her shoulders. Home.


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