A Day in the Life of Marine Captain Cross before the Zoastra Affair Part Twelve

A Day in the Life of Marine Captain Cross before the Zoastra Affair Part Twelve


PhotoFunia Macho Regular 2013-09-15 12 17 56Meanwhile, Captain Cross was giving a speech to his young crew. “Officers on the flight deck were taken right from our midst this morning. They disappeared from their seats with a technology that our own Academy has not figured out yet. You knew signing up that a battle might come. Well, today is the day you trained for.

“If we remember our training, remember the mission, and trust one another with our lives, then there will be a tomorrow morning.” Cross cleared his throat to finish. “And I’ll be right with you, every step of the way.”

Applause from a single person behind him broke out. Cross refused to look back and seem weak in front of his men. The last thing his crew needed was doubts about the mission, and he feared Colonel Hunter’s return. He told his team, “Let’s strap ourselves in.”

“Is there is a seat for me?”

Relief coursed through him. Major Newman walked to the shuttle to stand next to him. “Yes, sir.”

Newman looked determined. “We’re getting them back.”

“These men are the best there is, so there is little doubt.” Cross understood that the team needed words of encouragement right now. They might not know everything that they were walking into, but doubt waited for another time and place.

But his assembled team had discipline problems. Colonel Hunter was on Cross’s suspect list after seeing the supply and crew lists. Cross had enough pull to arm his team, despite   Hunter’s orders, and he pulled strings.

Going into battle without enough ammo meant a suicide mission. Newman joining showed that the Brigadier General Aurelius understood the dangers. Despite his mistrust of everyone, Aurelius knew his job.

Cross had faith that they’d pull through this mission. The shuttle took off for the planet below.

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