A Day in the Life of Marine Captain Cross before the Zoastra Part Three

PhotoFunia Macho Regular 2013-09-15 12 17 56“Jeannie, I don’t have anything. And this far into space, even if I did, there is no going back.” He grimaced, not needing to deal with this.

“Can you think of nothing else?”

His collar felt tight. “I have to go.”

He ended the conversation. If he didn’t, Jeannie’s ability to remind him of home might destroy him. Looking back was for old men. He had a job, to protect the people on the ship. If he didn’t protect them he’d be dead too. So this time his love came with a return.

He pushed his dark hair off his forehead and focused on the bomb. Any slight tweaks might make the bomb explode. His penetratingly deep brown eyes saw depths in people and things. All the other bombs had exploded. But the design for this one never worked.

The ancient design, once translated, read that this bomb worked in a spectacular explosion…a magnificent weapon. But no one in the universe knew how to make it work.

His design modifications might.

“7700. Code 7700. Prepare for…”

Second Lieutenant Mortlock stopped talking. He put the bomb back in its case carefully. 7700 meant emergency, and then silence on all military channels.

Odd. Rosemarie Mortlock never stopped talking. Even if someone put a gun to her head, the woman would still keep talking. Something had happened to her―something bad on the flight deck.

Cross rushed to the flight deck. Rosemarie was one of his few female friends, and her silence scared him. His wife’s death had come suddenly too, and without warning.

In the airlift, mere seconds had passed. But with his heart in his ears it had been an eternity later.

“Hostile aliens encountered,” Second Lieutenant Rex exclaimed. “All women on flight deck reported missing. Please report if there are other causalities.”

Cross lost all feeling. Once again, the women in his life had disappeared into blackness.

Rex Gaynor’s voice boomed into the air, “We’re following our attackers…they’re Tyrians.”

Cross felt his heart beat again. Whoever took the few women he respected and cared for would pay.

The Tyrians would not sleep one more night in peace.

The airlock opened onto the flight deck, and everyone rushed in.

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