A good author never discusses politics, election, the Republican National Convention or the upcoming Democratic National Convention

Politics is a dangerous word ‘for a lady’ or ‘for an author.’ It’s best we avoid these topics. Yet this is exactly what I want to talk about. I teach United States Government for a living. At the day job I answer questions on how the political sphere talks. I went to law school because as an undergrad I studied government. (My school didn’t call it political science.)

FORWEB72dpiElections was one of my favorite classes. I still remember lessons.

But in marketing we’re told this mantra ‘you’ll upset 50% of your buyers if you pick a side.’ So in social media I’m politics light, but it’s still a huge part of my soul that’s not being used.

So I decided to use that part of who I am and set a romance novel in the midst of an election. How could I not? I wanted to combine my knowledge with my love of a good romance.

So my hero Gerard is running for the US Senate seat. He’s running on an anti-corruption campaign, but his advisors are telling him the biggest weakness he has to winning is his single status. If he wants to win, then he’s going to need a wife.

The heroine is not looking for a husband. She’s a movie star and her movies make serious money in the box office. She’s the star of romantic comedies and falls in love on screen every year. She’s made money but the one thing her life lacks is purpose. She joins Gerard’s campaign to help him, and these two quickly realize that no arrangement will ever be enough for them.

However hot on the campaign trail there is so much that might make their happy-ever-after never come true. So they both have to commit to wanting to be together and to allowing themselves to realize that they choose love of each other above all else.

So here is the buy link: I hope you enjoy the novel as much as I loved writing the novel.