Adult Women Road Trip

Road Trip

As an adult woman, one of the best things we can still do is treat ourselves to short trips with just the girls. This means we leave the loved ones at home for a few hours and just go be ourselves.

This weekend I’m so looking forward to going to a writer’s conference with three, possibly four other women. We range from late twenties to mid forties in age, but none of this matters. We’ll gather like we are still teenagers going on an adventure at six in the morning.

Then it’s time to hit the road and drive the hour and forty minutes to the other coast. Alligator alley better watch out as some smart women are blasting on that road.

We will discuss various things of the day that we don’t discuss online. I’m sure my pregnancy will come up. I’m sure another girl’s wedding will come up in topic conversation. Who knows what else, but the fun part of this ‘no children, no men, no dogs’ trip is that we get to tap into that women get to have fun.

My husband is awesome. He’ll drop me off and pick me up Saturday from my friend’s house. From there it’s a trip. For me there will be no coffee that early. Pregnancy draw back.

Have you ever done a road trip with just friends as an adult past twenty five? If no, then I highly suggest it. It’s just for a day. We’re not spending the night anywhere but in our beds, in our own lives. In the meantime though Saturday is going to be motivating, fun and exciting. I personally can’t wait. Once the sun is up, the trip will get awesome. I recommend something like this for mental health for more women.