After the

As a romance author, I never go on the page past the wedding or perhaps the epilogue of a first child being born. Yet as someone who is still fairly newly married (June 2014 for those people who go to old posts), it’s after the wedding that the romance truly grows and changes.

So today’s topic is how do you keep the spark.

I love the picture above as it’s two people just dancing by themselves near a lake, ocean, or river. The shoes on the woman are flat, which means she’s not doing the stiletto thing to make her legs more attractive. It’s simply joy.

The year planning the wedding is super well devoted to all things ‘wedding.’ It’s after the wedding that life calms down.

In the calmness it’s awesome to simply say ‘let’s take a walk.’ And that walk on the beach can be peaceful.

The romance comes when you accept the flaws and still appreciate the person. I see my parents or older married couples who have been together forever, and sometimes what seems to be missing is the appreciation factor.

I hope my husband and I always have fun. Even if it’s making dinner/washing the dishes as we laugh.

Life is too short to care about the stupid stuff. It’s best to let that go. Once that’s gone, and you are confident in who you are, then it’s super easy to accept each other, flaws and I.

My husband is far from perfect. I’m far from perfect. I think being married, you see more of your flaws. I know as a single lady for years, I thought I was fine. Clearly now I see I need to change, but it’s not about arguing. It’s about love and acceptance and seeing yourself through new eyes.

We all need to grow and change. Marriage lets us have a partner, if we can laugh at ourselves and be silly.

So remember to dance. It’s always fun.