The other day I talked about the tempting series. I was so excited about that one as it was something I ordered a month ago but delays happened. But I finally had them.

However my Favorite series was done a few weeks ago. Next month I’m pulling them out of Kindle Unlimited and going wide again.

I love my wide readers and its’ why I keep most of my books in all stores, everywhere. But in a redesign, it’s easier to let them have a 90 days run while I go through designers and just update one. Plus it gives the Kindle Unlimited people a chance to read my books. It will be older stuff but I do enjoy the way people can discover my books. So it’s a win/win.

But Amazon decided in its infinite wisdom that my book should no longer be free but be a kindle countdown deal. I have no words for that but 99 cents this weekend for Favorite Crush is still a good deal.

Wide readers can get Hidden Gabriel at a low price.

So Kindle Unlimited is currently the Favorite series and Tempting series. The rest are and will remain wide. So pick what you want and we’ll talk soon!