Apples represented love and devotion in the ancient Greek world. If a man gave a woman an apple and she accepted it, she accepted his love. 

This is vastly different than the Biblical connection to the fruit of the tree of knowledge, which we do not know what fruit that was. The Renaissance artists painted the apple, but there is no proof.

We do have multiple Greek Myths on how love and beauty are connected to the apple though. Heroes and goddesses often give or receive apples. The goddesses gave Paris an apple and the prettiest woman on the planet, Helen. Atalanta was big and tough heroine, but her downfall into love was the apple. It’s sweet, and the apple giving and receiving play a part in Mything You. 

The old phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ might have something to do with apples are examples of a fruit that makes us happy and brings love into our lives. Didn’t our moms feed us apples because she wanted us to be healthy? In Greek myths, this tradition continued into adulthood and brought in love. How cool is that? 

It’s also why the Evil Queen in Snow White poisoned the pure princess with apple. She used the symbol of love to try to kill innocence. Yet true love still won out in the end. The Grimm boys weren’t stupid! They understood the power of the apple. Apples equal love and romance.