Asian Festival, the Government Major I was, wedding stuff and edits

Pictures came from” 

Edits came in Thursday, but the fiance loves to volunteer once a year at the Asian festival. He goes both days and works calligraphy. He has amazing handwriting, unlike me. So he wrote out the wedding invitations. My chicken scratches are unreadable. But what do you do when you’re under deadline? You work hard. Yet Friday no one was at the paying job and my mind rushed around to help everyone all day. Saturday I went to the Asian Festival down in Homestead. It’s quite pretty actually, and I drank lots of tea. And I’m slightly burnt.

Naturally, today my mother wanted to visit me. I told her heck no. I’m not home. And today, I must work. But it’s not just editing a sentence here or there. It’s rewrite time. And the story will be better in the end.

But the April deadline looms. I can’t push back as the wedding is in June.

Yet I’m distracted. Putin, the Ukraine, NATO, Obama are all buzz words for me. I’m addicted to world affairs in politics. Please blame the Harvard education for that one. But I’m glued to the Associated Press and foreign newspapers. It’s making focus hard.

Someone else must have these situations come up. What works to calm down? Remember that good stuff is coming. The Asian festival was fun and today I’m holed up to get work down. And the thing is this kind of work, where I empower myself to do it, energizes me. It’s not like when I sit at my desk at the paying job and listen to things that shouldn’t matter.

Okay  I am getting back to work. (I baked a cake already, so I’m running out of things to do beside edit.)

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and I look forward to posting more soon.

Keep reimagining life. One day, I’ll write full time at home with the money. What about you? What do you reimagine you can do in your life?