Course offerings

I’m happy to offer online courses or speak to other writers. The following will be courses I am available online to teach or in person. (More will be added soon.)

Marketing Offerings

Mind Mapping Your Marketing PlanMindMapping Your Marketing Plan

In this course we will break down your plans for marketing and what works for the author by delving deep into four major areas. 1. The writers goals. 2. The Reader. 3. The benefits you offer the reader. 4. And finally marketing options available for the writer to meet the reader.





Build Your Newsletter-2
Building Your Newsletter with Readers who love your novels

This this course we will begin to break down Facebook and other lead generator sources and that free giveaway you’ll offer. If you only have one book or no book yet, we’ll discuss alternatives that work. Then we’ll delve into how to use your newsletter tools so you have a way of communicating with all your new leads. The goals of this course is to cover the tools you need to do to create an amazing platform that automates itself and transforms clicks to reviewing readers.



 BloggingBlogging is necessary for the author and fits in your life

So many new authors struggle and say ‘blogging’ is like poison. I can’t fit it in my life. With my full time job, planning a wedding, having a baby and writing three to five novels a year, I was once in your number. But with mind mapping, brainstorming, and the willingness to try when I failed miserably before has given me new insight on how to make this blogging thing work. In this course we’ll break down where you the romance author are unique and have things to share. Then we’ll dig deeper and talk about how to set up the blog and to use the magic button of ‘schedule.’ The goal of this course is to ensure that you stay relevant on google with fresh material that you aren’t stressing over. Readers are looking for books so be the author they click and find.


Business and Craft

Science Fiction isn't for boys anymoreScience Fiction isn’t for boys anymore

I grew up reading Asimov and I was the only girl in the comic book store before it was cool or hip to be there. I remember sci fi and fantasy conventions when we were a small but loud community. And of course there was always a weekly dose of sci fi on TV to talk to my dad about. Then I transitioned into writing romance, but I learned a lot of dramatic effects and the ways of writing more from science fiction than those romances I cherished when I became a teenager. In this course which is one of my favorites to teach, we’ll discuss the many different subgenres of science fiction and fantasy. Paranormal romances might be dead, coming back, but science fiction will always be around, just like romance. So step into this world and learn the genres to see what types of stories you wish to tell next. This helps me stay motived even with contemporary romantic suspense romances and it will help you too.

You're the bossYou’re the boss so take control

Mindmapping is a visual way to brainstorm. So let’s get that business plan of yours in action. Do you want to write only one book a year or do you want to write to be a best selling novelists with many books in a year? The choices are yours, but we’ll talk about the tools of the trade and how to get what you want. If you want an agent and traditional, then let’s map out how to get there. If you want to go independent, let’s make sure it’s what will make you happy long term. You can be your own agent, publisher or you can find the right connections, but no one helps those who don’t help themselves. So this course is about mind mapping your ninety day, one year, three year and five year business plan. With a course of action and the ability to stay on track, let’s make those dreams become your reality.