This blog hop is timely for me and reflects how my life is changing. Planning a wedding takes time and I have no idea how people do stuff so fast. And as my life is changing. One of the things I now do is shop for plants and bake. If I am to go out with my writer friends, I realized fast if I leave cake, it will be fine to stay out.

So I’m still making my basic cake that I learned in baking class years ago. Sometimes I’m thankful I’m turning into my mother a bit. Now she is the one with the green thumb and cooked.

Classic Cake with Buttercream Frosting

Two bowls

A tea spoon


Cake Pans, I use two small ones. (Please grease the pan with non fat olive oil spray followed with generous amounts of flour that you shift all around the pans to ensure the pan is all flour.

Preheat oven to 350

Now for the cake.

Two cups of Whole Wheat Flour

One cup of Dark brown Sugar (preference)

Two teaspoons of vanilla

Three eggs

One cup of milk

Two generous teaspoons of baking powder

One stick of butter (I use all natural butter with no extra stuff in it.)

When mixing, I put the flour, baking powder and sugar and vanilla in a bowl. And I microwave the butter for thirty seconds to make it soft. Then I add the butter. I start mixing and beat in the eggs and slowly mix in the milk. Beating the eggs means you put in one egg at a time while you mix.

When done mixing add the cake mix to the pan. Never have the mix overflow from the pan because cakes rise. So my general rule is that the mix is less than half of the pan’s height.

Now onto the buttercream frosting.

A stick of butter

Two Cups of Confectionery Sugar



A spoon.

Again I microwave the butter to make it soft for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then I pour the sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla extract into the bowl. I use a spoon to mix because the butter is easy. I add in milk to make it easier to stir every so often, but be slight with this. Frosting is supposed to be thick, and too much milk makes it liquid. But if you don’t use it, the frosting will be so thick that you can’t spread it. (Yes I tried, not a good plan.) So find that happy medium. Then I stick it in the refrigerator and wait for the cake to cook.

Cake should be done in about a half an hour.

Once you have the basic yellow cake mastered, it’s cool to start adding in layers of strawberries. Or other things into the mix to make it fun.

With flowers, I’m always shopping at the tropical plant section at Home Depot. I live in Florida, but I need a reasonably priced plant that fills a stage. If we stay in Florida, and buy a house, then the plants are going to be planted outside. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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