Avengers Review and sadness on Quicksilver

So I was a comic book reader growing up. I was the only female in the comic store and hung out there every Wednesday. I grew up on X-Men and Marvel superheroes before they were ever cool. I still have the collection of books in my parents house. So with all that said, I was stoked to go see Avengers

Hot men galore! Plus I know the Avengers. I read about them, though to tell the truth I wasn’t a Captain America fan then. I’ve totally changed my mind on him and Thor. Yummy actors can do that to me.

So if you’re a comic fan like me, my small tears will be understood. If you are not a Marvel freak like me then I will explain. Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch were brought into the movies as they should have been. Now Quicksilver doesn’t stick to the Avengers as he made his way over to join the X-Men. The twins have major daddy issues when it’s discovered that Magneto is their father. So Quicksilver on the X-Men makes so much more sense if you know this and as Magneto’s children there is lots of family drama to play out. Now I get that Fox currently leases or owns the word ‘mutant’ in regards to movies. Disney will get this back, at some point though, and it would be nice to allow the movie people to understand why us comic book people were bummed he was killed off.

Now the Scarlet Witch always did stick to the Avengers and she’s been a staple there for as long as I remember. So I’m happy she’s now on the team. I’m just bummed they offed her twin. He has a fun story to play out in the X-Men stories.

Oh yeah these enhanced people are actually mutants and pretty powerful ones, though Disney couldn’t call them that. This was more an eye roll and at least the characters were brought on screen.

Now as for the story in the movie itself. The Black Widow/Hulk love affair is cute. I like all the characters stay in character. The Captain doesn’t like people to swear. Thor’s still well Thor. The characters are there. I just felt the story was too heavy story and not enough of the actual promise where the Avengers turn against each other and have to come together.

Last thing the Hawkeye backstory… it’s cute but too long.

Overall of course I was going to see this. I will see the next one. I’m totally into how Marvel is putting all these stories together. Ultron though was too heavy computer based and not scary. I missed Loki and the whole ‘he’s my brother’ drama Thor had with him in the last movie. The heart was missing out of this story. It was more group of super heroes get together and stop evil villain. I miss the whole soapy dramatic part that made the team building of the first movie work better.

All this said, I can’t wait for the next installment. Bring it on.