Baby Shower is here

I am so excited. This is my first baby shower and the first one I’ve attended since leaving Boston a million years ago. It’s co-ed so my husband and a few men will be there, but it’s a day to celebrate the upcoming birth of my baby girl.

The other day my oldest friend from elementary school came down for the shower so yesterday we spent the day doing girly things. We went and had a manicure/pedicure. I joked this is probably my last one for a long while. (The truth is I never do these things anyway except for an occasion. My wedding and the last FRW cruise come to mind as the the only times.) Then we went and had our hair done. I had my hair cut. As it’s summer and Miami where I live, I said cut two inches off. So now I’m more summer ready in general and with luck the blow dry will leave my hair good for today.

Now today is a celebration with friends and family. This is all possible because an awesome writer who will one day publish her regency historical, Kimberly Burke, decided to throw this party for me. Part of me wanted to skip the whole thing and claim ‘you’re too old.’ But clearly I’m not too old to get pregnant without help or raise a child so that was nonsense in my brain talking.

Besides parties are FUN! I get to see friends. I get to see family. There will be games and laughter and good food and cake. How is this not one of the days to cherish? At 33 weeks, I’m excited to meet my new daughter whose coming, but today we’ll celebrate all the people in our lives too. So yeah. I totally recommend just being happy and letting life lead you. Love is everywhere and it’s awesome.