Baby Stores are a strange land full of scary things

Baby Store

So I’ve lived most of my life so far as either an older sister or a single lady. A few years back, I decided to change my ways, once I met my husband.

If I went to someone’s baby shower, I bought whatever I needed on Amazon and never set foot into a store. Why bother? I was click and go.

Now that I’m three months pregnant it was time to figure out what we need for this baby to live.

Everyone can give advice, but it’s one of those, what do you get and what will this baby need. Wants are second, but also important.

How do you want to give birth? How do you plan to feed the baby? These are questions asked by everyone, but I get it when it’s the store. So let’s tell my heart pounding scary story.

My husband and I made an appointment to walk around the store at Buy, Buy Baby. He had to work in the morning, but we were going to the store to see what to put on the registry. It couldn’t be that bad. We walked Target and there was no heart pounding there.

I decided to be brave in the morning and check out Babies R Us, by myself as I waited for the dear husband. I walked into this super store for babies and my heart started pounding. I walked down the aisle. There are so many choices that it’s overwhelming. The walls were closing in.

My claustrophobia in stores returned big time. I couldn’t breathe. I ran out the store and called my best friend since childhood. She has no children, but we’ve always been able to talk. She calmed me down and then I called a friend who is a mom. She was like ‘I love baby stores.’ She talked me into going to my appointment at Buy, Buy Baby in the afternoon. So yeah, thanks to friends for listening to me hyperventilate.

I met my husband who had no idea about the morning adventure and off we went to Buy, Buy Baby. We met with the employee who walked us around the store and pointed towards things to put on the registry. She also told us what are the big items we truly needed. She talked to us about how she uses the products and how we should choose.

My husband apparently cared about suspension for the stroller and rubber wheels. I wanted my baby to be comfortable. So I checked the cushioning. Together we made our choices.

The appointment with the person saved me. Our registry is set. I highly recommend this store to people who might freak out like me at baby stores. I had never gone, and since the store is owned by Bed, Bath and Beyond, you can use their coupons too. In the next few months, I’ll be buying from there. They helped ease this first time mom in her late 30s into thinking, hey ‘I can do this.’