Bad Boys in stories and good guys in real life

In real life, whenever I do date someone new, I hope for a good guy with a good heart, who can make me laugh and smile. And he loves me for who I am. 15057197_s

Throwing in the hearts because love is love.

However what is it about those bad boys on TV and in movies? I’m so drawn into Dallas because Jon Ross Ewing will sleep with anyone, but he was in love with Elena. Women throw themselves at him, and I’m all for his backstabbing his family to make a dollar. Woohoo.

In movies, James Bond might be older, and I might get killed, but I’m so in. Sign me up to be a Bond girl.

Is it that these men represent wildness and freedom? Is it that we all want to be Beauty meeting the Beast? I’m unsure, but I know I love watching, reading and seeing these bad boys and their fast, crazy lives.

Now again, a guy who treats me right and thinks I rock… he’s worth waiting for. But in the meantime, bad boys entertain and thrill, from the safety of literature, television and movies.

The WIP I am working on, my female is out there and she’s the crazy one. Her hero is a steady sort. Next story I want to figure out how to write a bad boy though…

Anyhow Happy Friday all! This Sunday… Renaissance Festival. So I will take pictures to talk about why these type of events are just plain FUN, even if I am going with my brother, my sister and my mother.

Oh and I’m editing the Mything You sequel to send it to my editor in weeks. So I’ll keep you updated