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In Make Up May Change Your Life, I reinvented a star ship. I wanted to write my own epic Space Adventure One Day, on a ship heading to far away alien planets. I grew up on Star Wars and Star Trek and video games, same as most people my age. I was the only little girl in the comic book store though, so in that  I was unique. Marvel verse hit me hard. My best friend, Christine, she threw a romance novel in my hand to get me to talk girl stuff. I love reading historicals. I love writing contemporaries. And I’m so excited that my novels have been sold to publishers and are releasing later in 2013.
Since this is about a bad boy, I am now going back to the space ship Zoastra. I love that universe and the full length novel is forthcoming. I don’t want to spoil the plot, but Cross first appeared in Make Up May Change Your Life. She doesn’t pick Cross though in my head he’s always been sexier. Weapons Specialist, security officer, French Canadian, looks like Hugh Jackman in the early X-Men movies or Gerard Butler in 300.
He has a history. His ex-wife cheated on him, told his parents that he abandoned her and her newborn, that wasn’t his by biological. Cross took off to stew finding out his ex-wife had an affair and was having a baby and filed for divorce. His parents called him when he was gone, upset with him. Then boom. Aliens attacked, murdering millions, including his entire family. (His wife died saving her newborn, so he struggled on how to handle everything, including that huge chip on his shoulder.) The rest of the crew has questions, but for Cross finding the alien species who killed his family is motivation enough.
In the Zoastra Affair, Cross becomes the hero in his own right. Comes out in December 2013.
So for now, I do encourage everyone to read the fun short story Make Up May Change Your Life. Short Romantic Comedy set in space. A few characters started there. More are coming and it’s 99 cents.
To help you on your way, win a $5 Amazon gift card.

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11 thoughts on “Bad Boys of Romance Giveaway Hop June 7th to 17th Win Amazon Gift Card

  1. Definitely both and others as well. I enjoy variety when reading!

    And if Cross looks like those guys then I’m going to love him because Hugh Jackson running around as Wolverine, my favorite X-Man, was damn hot and probably the only reason I watched the movies. Gerard Butler in 300 broke my brain, so sexy!!!

    1. I enjoy it both. Historicals and Contemporaries hit my romantic girlish heart. Sci Fi hits my imagination and awe, so I’m hoping to blend in my heart with those books.

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