Baking good healthy bread as I drink Coca Cola

Yes the title tells you I’m a hypocrite, but this is my first Coca Cola in 2015. I don’t drink this sugary stuff most days. I think I posted a picture of me editing Borrowing the Doctor which is now out as the last time I drank this.

But this post is about trying to eat right in the new year.

My husband was in the hospital for the first week of 2015. It was scary as his heart was racing fast, but it turned out that he had too much ginseng in his vitamins. We threw those pills away, and now everything is getting back to normal.

So I wanted to talk about eating right and dieting. It’s important for all of us. Generally speaking my weakness is chocolate candy that’s available at school. Yes Michelle Obama made schools unable to sell the candy, but students peddle candy all the time. It’s always around and as a teacher I get tired. The chocolate is a boost, but my students know that they are not to enter my class with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup because I call that torture. It’s the best, IMO, and if I can’t have it then I don’t want to watch others.

Back to my husband and that ginseng though. It ate away at his stomach and it caused him acid reflux. It totally sucks that he has to eat more vegetables, but it’s good for him too.

Marriage taught me more about nutrition in the past few months. Two years ago I would eat a cheese burger every night. Now I bake bread in my bread machine and ensure that all my products are organic. We eat as much organic as possible, and I’ve learned more chicken recipes than I have posted.

Anyhow here is my simple bread recipe for the machine.

Liquids first.

2 eggs

1 cup of water

12 seconds of olive oil into the liquid.

Now it’s onto to solids.

2 and 1/2 to 3 cups of organic flour

1 cup of sugar (ensure that this is all natural as well because what is the point of baking if you use all those acids, etc.)

Then the yeast. Please ensure that the yeast matches what the container says and not an online recipe. Too much then the dough gets everywhere. Too little and your bread is hard as a rock. Follow the directions on the yeast you use.

That’s it.

Now it’s healthy bread without anything but bread.

Have you seen the issues with non organic wheat and why so many people are now glucose issues and everything else. The chemicals they use to harvest the wheat we eat in most breads is crazy scary. Those chemicals can get into our food and our bodies. It’s better to eat as healthy as possible, and yes, once in a while, like today as author friend Sheena Snow came over to talk about writing, then okay, it’s the exception. But let’s continue 2015 on the healthy path.

I hope everyone reading this is super healthy and has no health scares in 2015. Hospitals truly suck.