Be the change Friday


I spoke about my beliefs last time. I won’t continue as my site is devoted to love and romance and fun books I like to read. But I also said I was an optimist who believes that people are all basically good. It’s still true. My heart loves that I’ve watched Robert Adam’s GoFundMe set up by friends to help the family in this time. He was one of the fourteen people killed with legally bought assault rifles here in the United States. I know he’s not the only one murdered this year. The reddit statistics are frightening. I grew up the era of the Brady Bill. Growing up we didn’t have assault weapons and the violence rate in the US dropped to historic lows. We let that lapse. For me, I see what I have to do. Contact my politicians and let my voice be heard. I do show up and vote. Okay so the US government teacher in me knows what I need to do. It’s time I spoke up. But speaking up and being the change isn’t just about big politics. It’s about being nice and helpful to everyone I meet. Nothing can kill the spark of goodness inside us if we feed that and not spend more than a second on unimportant stuff. (We all get that moment to cry, be angry, or whatever, but then we have to get over that.) So today the Christmas season of love, kindness, good cheer, and determination run through my veins. I hope you feel it inside you too, bubbling up and ready to empower the internal engine you possess. When you are ready then it’s time to be the change.