So after Thanksgiving which was late, we left my mom’s house at 9:30 PM. I had been asking for an Apple TV to replace my broken samsung dvd player that I used to stream my movies. In the car, I asked my husband if we could go to Target. He agreed and bought me my apple TV. It’s perfect except I can’t find an amazon app for my TV. Amazon and Apple are having some issue I don’t care about and blocking that. Now my broken DVD player is going to the trash and I’m set to watch Game of Thrones come April as well as Netflix. I’m thinking of canceling Netflix once I finish House of Cards for a while and maybe check out Hulu. So for Christmas shopping, I have one person done… my dad. He’s the easiest to shop for as he tells you straight out what he wants. No one else has provided a list to make this easy. Have a great dat with your family. I’ll be setting up a Christmas tree later. (We live in an apartment so it’s a Charlie Brown type of tree… one day I want the big one but for now the small place on the beach only gets a small tree.) Hope today is peaceful for everyone!