So it’s not just about the catchy phrase. I have to figure out an image that represents my author brand. This is hard. I think the one I used today is awesome, but honestly it might be too light. I have to continue to search. What kind of picture represents the story you want to tell is even HARDER than the words it seems. These are my top ten for now, but the final choice might not be any of these things. It might be sng and forget about this whole rebranding thing. It’s hard.omething else. It might be one of these. I’m still picking and imagery for the type of author I am and the stories I tell… EEK…. this makes me want to go back to

I like the one above because it’s stormy but there is a hint of light. This is so visually interesting to me.

I like this one because it’s colored outside the line hearts. It’s bright. It’s bold. I like it.mother-612462_1280


This one reminds me of ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’/’material girl’ but it’s also a heart so we know that it’s true love. While this might not win, I’m intrigued.stones-608374_1920


This is gritty. It’s clearly somewhere where there are bricks and I’m not writing cowboys. I don’t know anything about cowboys. It has this urban sense to it that grips me.


This one is brown and gives me a sense of security despite the abstraction that is the heart. I like this one. love-560783_1280


One of my favorites though probably not right for me. The black balloon floating away as hearts surround the couple… awesome. I think the setting otherwise though might be too pastoral.





heart-370621_1280Okay this is my favorite of the day!!! It has this wildness to it, but there is this pop of color in the heart. It’s not hopeless. I love this!!!heart-368485_1920


I love the symbol on the chain locked fence. I think it’s awesome. I love the layout. I hate the desert background. This is probably my second favorite despite this.

How much more deep can a picture go. The tree is being overtaken with emotion that is the water. It’s still standing, but there is love that somehow might build a way for these two forces of nature to get along.
city-68201_1920With this last one I had a sense of sex and the city. None of my stories take place in NY, but I am a city girl in heart. I love this one too.

Which one do you think? Let me know!!!