Book Release, Christmas, New Years and Wedding planning

My life went from predictable and routine to fast forward a million times ahead. I’ve worked hard for the books released, and I’m so excited about it. But part of me wishes these days I was writing more. A writer is only as good as the next novel, but life and good times are interfering with the status quo. It’s all good stuff and when I find a balance I’ll be happier.

So I realized that I booked NOTHING about the book because of wedding planning. So I’ve been playing marketing catch up big time. Thank goodness I have amazing friends who added me to a few blogs already. I should have booked a book tour. And come January I’ve booked two. Candlelight_Book_Promotions_Victoria Pinderzoastratourbanner (1)Then the good one I’m waiting for are coming up after that, and that’s all booked now. I’ll have pictures concerning my goddess fish tour soon. 

Okay and awesome people are reading to review now, and all I ask are honest opinions. (Though any artist will tell you we all secretly cry our eyes out when someone doesn’t like us. But it’s never good to respond to negatives.)

On Monday I’ll email my editor for the next set of edits as Chaperoning Paris. It is slated for March, but I’m not writing like I used to. I miss creativity and my intense writing routine.

Christmas came up and that took real life shopping skills, though I own up to mostly shopping online. I do browse and go with friends. With Christmas parties. And New Years parties that began December 20th. So this year I’m sharing where I go on holiday parties, so it’s alot.

Then there is wedding plans. Yesterday was a long trip to IKEA. I know have vases, cake stands, and glassware. After that we went to Joann Fabrics where I bought tulle and fabric. The fiance doesn’t believe I’ll sew, but I actually can. Mom put me in arts and crafts classes as a child, so I have a plan.

But somehow the sequel to the Zoastra Affair will get written. It’s going slower than molasses, but it’s going. And in between, I’ve never been happier, so life is exciting and beautiful. I wish everyone well and now I’m getting offline for a little while. Talk soon.

Oh and buy The Zoastra Affair.