How is everyone today? This morning was super busy. Went to my parent’s house. Mom is as usual worried about money and finances but doesn’t want to burden anyone. Crisis dealt with and breakfast, dinner and ¬†presents will proceed as normal. Everything will be great because at the end of the day, time with the family is more important than anything else. The giving and receiving of any gift is all that matters, and it’s not the amount. Besides being adults, here is the shocking thing… if I want something bad enough, it will be.

Presents are under the tree. Christmas dinner will be delicious. Yeah.

After typing this up, it’s back to writing now. I am on a self imposed deadline.

After hitting last night’s deadline, I played around on youtube. I don’t know why others don’t love making these book commercials for themselves. I find it so much fun. Part of me wants to start a side business for other authors as there are so many bad ones. The visual art is so different from the canvas, and I grew up in a movie theater. Dad worked for Warner Brothers before I was born, and we can pick apart a movie, any movie and we do it in fun. I so wish I had actors for the commercial making, but I can make do with stills.

What do you think about this Work in progress video? Stealing Grace’s Husband is almost done. Finally. Converting it to a full length is a work of love, but the story is juicy and fun. I’m almost ready to launch the space ship into deep space, discover the enemy and get the battle started.

But there can never be a battle without discovering key players on my crew. The next book will have a few more characters and then the ship is complete. No more officers. Ship launches where no one has gone before.

This is already too long. I’d love some opinions on the video though… it’s a WIP piece. Might try a voice over later, but do you get a feel for the story???