Christmas Wishes Blog Hop

Christmas Wishes Blog Hop

GiveAway Option: Print or Ebook Copy of Mything You

When I hear the word wish, the first thing that comes to my mind is the question ‘what do I want?’

So selfish, and now I’m browbeating myself mentally. The holidays are not about what  I want in the slightest, and in theory I get this. But first thoughts are hard to break.

Now besides peace on earth and good will towards men, I wish my friends, families, and everyone else I’ve ever met well. We are all here on Earth for a reason. And I will have to go back and buy presents for the little ones. I’m so excited for them. It must rock to believe in Santa Claus. And I remember how when I found out the truth, it meant, as the oldest, it was my job to wrap and pretend so the others won’t find out. Sigh, mom was smart in her ways.

Anyhow in Miami it’s hard to get into the spirit of things. It’s warm out when the rest of the country is in winter, but then I hate shoveling the car out so much. Yep, I’ll deal with pink flamingo holiday themes.

Greta has Mything You out now. It’s a tale set in Ancient Greece where Theseus who is fully human (people have thought him a demigod because of a bad movie) is on a quest to prove himself a man. On the way, he mets Ari, and the pair of them fall in love, even though she’s engaged to another.

This is my give away copy.


Stealing Grace’s Husband is due out in January, and I’ll share the sneak peak now to the cover

Final_Stealing_Grace's_Husband_#24_(with_series_info)_copy (1)

It’s the story of Grace and Peter Newman. Grace and Peter are married, but have no time for each other in their busy schedules on the star ship, Zoastra.

Kara has been stuck on the alien planet in a teenage body for four years and her people have never returned. She’s about to turn eighteen, the age when the girls on the planet all get married. All Kara wants to do is get off the planet and find her ship.

Grace goes on mission to the planet, where Kara switches places with her, stealing her body.

Grace must fight to get back to Peter.

Kara must learn what it takes to blend into the human world, and not get caught.

Peter must put two and two together to figure out what happened to his wife.

All in all… a fun read which I hope people enjoy.

Then in February, Two Weeks in Miami, comes out under my real name, Victoria Pinder. Victoria loves contemporary. Greta prefers more fantasy/science fiction stories.  This is the story of a Marine who is hotter than Daniel Craig‘s James Bond who is sent on a mission to Miami for two weeks. When he arrives, he meets Charlotte, a librarian who doesn’t know how to talk to men.

So basically the next few months are super active for me! And I hope everyone enjoys.

At the end of the day my wish besides that my family, friends, readers, and everyone else experience a great holiday season full of love and laughter, is that my stories help someone find whatever it is they are looking for. Fun, excitement, hot men, fun story, and the rest. It’s at the end of the day, why I write.

Love to everyone on this festive blog hop and hope to talk to you soon.

Also to give back to writers, some friends and I are all running Love in a Book to give back to the many authors who have helped me. Check us out some time.

Love and virtual hugs!

Victoria Pinder also writing as Greta Buckle

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  1. When I think of wishes – I always wish that my sons have what they want and need. That they want for nothing..

    Raonaid at gmail dot com

  2. I wish, naively, for world peace and access to healthy food and water for everyone on earth. Plus, access to decent health care and education. Plus iPhones for everyone, with free unlimited minutes. Yes, I’m naive, thanks!

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

  3. what i do i wish for… I have two boys three counting the hubby ages 30,9 and going to be 3… So I as for peace of mind so i don’t flip out and kill them some days lol but seriously I wish for my sons to be healthy, happy, and know right from wrong and when they grow up to be responcible adults with huge hearts.

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