Creativity with a deadline

So many great things are happening in my life at the moment. I’m not complaining. My creative juices go back to the wedding and it’s only a few weeks away at this point.

You might have noticed that Chaperoning Paris’ release date has been delayed. The publishing house is behind schedule, but it will be out super soon. The edits are in, but I’m more than happy to do more if they want me to. My fear about that is that my wedding is in June, and I’m hoping it’s just a few days not a month for a release. We shall see as I’m in the dark right now and my fear is probably unjustified. I always strive to do the best that I can.

So what I’m doing? I started to write again. It’s nothing like before, and I’m sure post wedding, everything will speed back up. But it feels good to get a few words on paper again. Writing to me is like my therapy. I feel better after I do it.

And writing has taken a back seat in the creative juices. The wedding is taking over again. Did you know that instead of rice or bird seed or bubbles, lavender is an option? I designed envelopes and will scoop the lovely scented flowers into them.

Do I want a selfie station? It might be too vain. I’ve not decided if I want one at my wedding.

Now onto the ceremony itself. The Catholic church listened to unfounded rumors about the priest at the local community. I don’t believe a word and the woman in question is in her 90s. Yes you read that right. 90. Apparently someone believes she and the priest are illicit, so what does the Archbishop of Miami decide to do? Send him off two weeks before my wedding. The entire thing is a shame, and I blame the Archbishop entirely. However on the wedding day itself, it will be pleasant providing this time the new person can speak fluent English. (We had a very nice priest there a few years back who was Indian and he didn’t speak a word of English before he arrived. I am hoping this doesn’t happen, again. And all of this because someone actually believed the 90 year old woman and the priest were more.)

But hey the flowers will be beautiful and then we head to the reception. There we have added a short Persian ceremony and the sofreh design will be gorgeous. I’ve bought the mirrors, the candles, and everything else needed. His parents have found ways to ship me stuff I couldn’t find in America. However, most stuff is available here. For gifts to guests, his mother sent sugar hearts. Sugar represents all the sweetness in life and as a romance author, to me that’s awesome. The menu is confirmed. But I should check to see if the champagne order is in as it should be. (I’ll check tomorrow.)

So what can I do in the meantime? I’ll fix my mind to write.

I won’t be using the cones below, but this is so much cooler than bubbles to me. I’m excited.