Critiques, Bride and Family Coming for Dinner

family coming for dinner

At my birthday a few weeks ago, my brother and his new fiancee were awesome. I invited them to dinner. The bride invited me to see the wedding dress. Everything was great in planning and it all turned out to be the same day.

The morning started with me going to a critique group. We hadn’t met in a month so this get together was perfect. We started at 10 and one of the newbies was like ‘you’re the parliamentarian in the group.’ She caught on I was keeping to a schedule and wanted to critique everyone who showed. We had two new people so there was more than the usual. The truth is I had a packed day and wanted to start out being accomplished.

I skipped on the lunch after as I had to get to the bride’s fitting at a store an hour away from my home and where I was. (There was an incident of my husband forgot something so I had to get that too.) I saw the dress. My brother is going to love this. It’s very detailed. She clearly wanted to shine. On my wedding day I wanted simple and the ability to dance, but every bride is different. And my brother is going to be amazed when he sees his fiancee in this dress.

Now I rushed home and that amazing husband of mine has all the food prepared. So there was no cooking (or laundry for me to do Saturday because my husband rocks.) I had to set up the table and ensure we had everything else ready. We pulled the table away from the corner we keep it in so people can sit. I rushed around.

My mother decided to come and she brought her squad with her. (My mother never travels alone and Grandma is one of her number.) So mom and her four people plus my brother, his fiancee, my husband, and me all sit around the dinner table.

Everyone ate the food. It was amazing. Today I’m exhausted and sleepy, but happy. Yesterday we accomplished a lot. In a few months when the baby is born, our lives will be different. But for today, yesterday was a great beginning. I hope you had an amazing weekend as well.