Cruise Committee Meeting to sort through 75 plus workshop proposals

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Honestly I’m writing this blog because I’m super zonked. Yes I used the word, zonked. I don’t know if that means what it used to mean or I just dated myself there.

So five of us met and went through workshop proposal after workshop proposal. Out of the 75 plus, there were like 5 that had unanimous votes for. We had to revert to the old school method of raising our hands to vote. We had so many good options for the Florida Romance Writers cruise conference coming in 2017. Michael Hauge is already booked. Elizabeth Hoyt is the key note. (If you want to book the cruise, I highly recommend coming, for more information.)

We had pages and pages of notes and stacks of proposals. We had to make lists so we knew what the target audiences were for the workshop. We had to ensure that no one overlapped with something we already chose.  The most common overlap was Michael Hauge and craft this time. Usually it’s not that, but since he is covering so much great material in his workshop, then we had to say ‘no’ to others.

It was quite a day. If I wasn’t with child, I’d probably have asked for a glass of wine now. It was literally hours of discussion. Once we get confirmations and send out the invitations, people will see the amazing options we’ll have. But for now, we have decided.

If you want to know who these amazing authors are, the one on the left is Kristin Wallace. Kimberly G. doesn’t have a website, but she’s an amazing writer. I’m in the middle. Demi Alex is next to me. And in the far corner is Rossie Cortes, a PR extraordinare who also write amazing unpublished book. We all write vastly different styles, but it’s great to have different voices all coming together and having fun. If you love inspirational and soon to be amazing sweet romances, then Kristin is your option. On the other end of the spectrum, if you like hot and steamy authors, then Demi Alex is great. They both have new releases that I can’t wait to read.