Cyber Monday and no I’m not selling anything except pieces of my soul


Okay that sounded dramatic. I’m not buying anything today. Off to work Monday means no time for surfing the internet to buy anything. Thanksgiving weekend was awesome. I wish I was still on vacation. So I mentioned that I went to a writers party where we brought our laptops and wrote in group. It was fun. The funniest part was I showed up an hour late (I said I would so that’s not an issue.) Then they were discussing 50 Shades of Grey the movie. I never read the book, but we must have been on the same wave length. I watched it the night before. Christian was hot. I get the attraction though he’s a stalker and I’d have punched him in the nose at the club right at the beginning. I’d have not walked in the woods with a stranger. So basically, I’d have never been like Ana. I had difficulty identifying with her. When he opened the red room, I’d have run from a serial killer. So me and passive women are not the same type. I get it. I also get how messed up Christian Grey’s life was and why he is the way he is. He was honest. He wasn’t pushy with her (though again he’s a stalker.) She clearly liked it. So now I have at least seen the movie to understand the phenomenon. Christian Grey is hot. I also get that not all women are like me. I am clearly more aggressive than passive. This is exactly why there are books for everyone out there and the more people read, the better. So that was what my soul was talking about… I lost some of it when I watched this movie.