Dancing around the house


I 100% admit that my husband is a better dancer than me. I took dance classes for years, but I’m awkward. The dear husband can shake and move around. He’s not bound by American white boy shyness and stereotypes about dancing that I grew up around.

So one of the things we do around the house to make each other laugh and keep the romance is to show off our dance moves. Sometimes it is awfully funny. Sometimes it’s ‘wow.’ And recently sometimes it ‘hurts.’ I know, not what you were expecting.

I love to act silly with my husband. It’s fun. We’re not being serious. We’re acting like we’re still six years old and finding a way to make each other giggle. After a long day at work where we’re serious all the time, it’s our way to relax. This has been expressed in dance.

So now to the hurt. My husband was studying for his class on Sunday. He was concentrating. I finished part of my chapter and I wanted to distract him a little. So I started my usual dancing silliness. I kicked my legs, shook around my jiggly parts and then collapsed. My hips hurt. They have never hurt from the bone before.

It was clearly the baby. She didn’t like my dancing. I totally understand as it was horrible dancing meant for a laugh, but she didn’t appreciate the gesture. I’m guess she’s wanting my hips to be bigger. So the distraction ended with ‘are you okay?’

Perhaps this wasn’t the best how to see romance alive, but I do think always laughing is better than complaining about anything. So I’ll be working on a new way to find a way to bring laughter in the house that is not self humiliation in horrible dancing. (This type of dancing is only for those who don’t have a huge ego where people must be perfect all the time. It’s usually more fun, so in a few months I’ll get back to it.)