How is everyone? I’m telling everyone the truth. Last week was hard. Students were on edge, half worried the whole end of the world thing would happen. I can relate, because I remember once being that gullible too. And this Mayan thing was so hyped. Part of it is my own fault as I love watching conspiracy theories, but I am old enough to not believe any of this.

Anyhow it’s vacation time and I’m excited to have time to write again. Reworking my novella to be full length and my end date for this is December 31st. It’s happening. My science fiction story, Stealing Grace’s Husband, is a good story to me. All in all, I’ve reworked this whole thing. I’ll pitch it. If someone wants it, awesome. But it’s full length now and IMO a good story.

Though like I said, I had a hard week. So now for fun, I’m making new youtube videos for my Valentine’s Day novella.

Then to get myself back into the contemporary world, Victoria Pinder, penned a fast Valentine’s story. It’s at the editor’s now. Brittiany Koren from Written Dreams is Awesome to me. I’d recommend her. She helps me.'s_#11_copy

Ramona made the cover, which I love. If anyone needs a hard working cover artist who listens, I do love talking to her.

Then since I was strung out on work and not being creative with words, I let my outlet go to youtube.

It’s not perfect yet, but I have fun and love making these videos. It’s another form of release. I’d love to know how people feel.

And how does one write when stressed? It’s hard, and I go video art for a secondary release. Tomorrow, I meet with writer friends to write more though and get the word count up. I swear I’m close!

How are y’all goals going? And oh yeah, somehow fit in the shopping. Good luck to everyone else.

Let’s buy We survived tee shirts and move on now. Hope everyone is having an amazing time with everything!