December Season of Miracles

With Christmas and Chanukah this month coming up, I heard once here in Miami to call it the Season of Miracles. Irish girl from Boston made friends when she moved here. Last night while dreaming or I should say waking up, I thought about the expression ‘season of miracles’ and I like the idea.

Last night I watched an old movie ‘While You were Sleeping‘ to not go out and relax. Sandra Bullock saves a guy after he falls onto the tracks, then his family thinks she’s the fiancee. She proceeds to fall in love with Bill Pullman, the awake brother.  The other night I pulled out ‘Love Actually‘ the English movie about a variety of short stories all coming together. And I do this to myself every Christmas.

I read stories like this too. I downloaded Mona Risk’s Free Christmas novella and I already read Aleka Nakis’ tale.

On facebook, I enjoy looking at the snow in Boston, y’all faced. And I’m BEYOND looking forward to holiday cheer in New Orleans in Heather Graham‘s Writers For New Orleans. (Went to Tulane for the first two years of college, so it’s like going back to where adulthood started.)

Then I’ll see most of my Florida family this month. With all this going on, this really is a season of going after the goals, making it happen, and celebrating miracles. These stories remind me that one never knows what might happen and to always accept the good in life. (So many of us wear blinders not seeing the obvious good and overlook it to focus on some minor insignificant detail that won’t matter in a few days, weeks, or long term anyhow.)

Do I have a long list of things I don’t have? Sure. So many of y’all have this ability and amazing lives, and I could spend my days and years being upset. However, I need my energy for the things I can do for myself. The rest is faith that it will happen.

When I started this post, I had a specific question to ask the universe on what to do. I’ve realized there is nothing I can do about it anyhow and it’s a small detail that happened month ago. Overall it doesn’t matter. So in sharing, I found my answer… let it go. This probably doesn’t make sense to anyone.

This month, my intention is to focus on being thankful for the opportunities and help presented in my life. One never knows what’s next, and that’s part of the fun.

So I hope you see whatever the good is in your life far outweighs the other stuff.

Love y’all! And I’ll try to take pictures to share in the Big Easy. I once wrote a pirate novel when I lived there at age 18. No one will ever see that mess of a story, but who knows some hot Johnny Depp interesting fellow might be there. (Johnny Depp has a strangeness to him that I find almost more attractive than the physical.) Now that would be a present to send my way!