Vote Stormy Peril

I have had to decide last Friday but I could have extended the decision until today really. Payroll closes early, but I decided this year I’m going to the day job the day before Thanksgiving. I’m unsure what’s going on with my family as my mom has to work Thanksgiving day. Usually we all gather at my mom’s house, so this year I feel a bit like an orphan though I’m sure we’ll gather at mom’s after 5 PM Thanksgiving Day. This means all day long Thursday I’m not at my parents. So my husband and I will probably hit the beach in the morning and take our day off then. So Wednesday I have no reason why I should take the day off. Perhaps once we have children one day then this will be different, but for now, I’ll go to work and take a different teacher planning day off. I hope everyone has great plans this year that don’t include work! Later in the year there will be stuff to do, I’m sure.

And I’m super excited about signing at the Miami Book Fair this weekend. If you’re in Miami at 10 stop off at the Murder on the Beach/Mystery Writers book signing. I’ll be with them that day.

Also if you have a second please go vote for my book in kindle scout. It’s been harder and a daily quest to stay hot this time. (Last time it was significantly easier, but there are more authors now doing kindle scout.) So if you have a moment, please go to

Thank you all and keep reimagine life.