Decisions can be like catching raindrops So help me choose

So I finished writing the rough draft of one of my novels two days ago. This story is Mitch and Tess. Mitch Morgan is the son that his father always wanted, with the woman he wanted to be his wife. Peter, Victoria, John, Luke, Elizabeth and Matthew are about to meet their father’s other family. And while Mitch might look exactly like his father, he also saw his mother Fiona always put second, after his father’s legitimate family. So when a proposed merger will bring him in contact with Peter Morgan, Mitch finds Tess, the account manager at Morgan Enterprises more than tempting. I loved branching out and finally getting to write Mitch, Damien, Galen and Axel’s stories. Damien’s already next as I wrote the first three chapters of his novel before putting it aside as I knew Mitch had to be first… he’s the gateway story into uniting the two halves.

So now that I discussed that, here is my dilemma. I have no idea what cover I should choose. I have three options for a cover. Mitch is a banker and rich, blondish and sexy. Out of these three options, which one would you like to see as a cover? Believe me, I’m all ears.

11 thoughts on “Decisions can be like catching raindrops So help me choose

  1. Either the second one (in the suit) or the 3rd one (Closeup of them). The shirtless one doesn’t go with his sexy banker image. That being said, my favorite would be the suit!

  2. I like #1, simply because I’m an old gal who still enjoys seeing a beautiful healthy male body on a book cover. I like the more casual look, and a shirtless masculine guy with the ocean in the background is especially appealing.

  3. The one with the suit goes with his image better. The first one looks like he’s beach bum, the 3rd is too young looking.

  4. I think number 3 is the best looking male and I like the way he is holding her. Will you photoshop the hair to blond if that one is chosen?

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