Determination and Youtube Videos

I totally own up to the fact I love making youtube trailers for my books. My dad worked for Warner Brothers back in the day, and his commentary on how movie stories unfold has helped me visualize. But I never went to film school, and I don’t have stock video to be making the trailers from. But this doesn’t mean, I’m not pursuing something I find fun to do.

Last week I wrote, but it wasn’t writing that took hold of me. It was visualizing and updating things. (Sadly the real world starts next week and I go back to work full time.)

Before I do that, I do want to keep my trailers that in my head are the best movie commercial I can make for my books. I’m sure a professional movie maker can do better, but I follow a few rules. The average person gets bored with staring at a picture for too long. Yet if you have words appearing in the video, you can’t keep flashing new things when someone has to read.

This brings me back to my point about wishing for stock video at the least.

Anyhow I’ve not decided and neither of these might stay on youtube forever, but I’m picking and choosing what book trailer I want and how to make it snappy.

This one was Ariel’s POV really. It’s her story in this one and I had fun being silly.

Or should I go with the more dramatic what happens to the male main character as well as all of Earth?

Both stories intertwine, as they must, but the characters were on different journeys.

And notice how I am not giving up and said I’ll try another soon. But I just have so much fun thinking visually. Part of me wishes I could write screenplays and sell them. But then I remember how I’m female. Never say never though. I took screen writing classes in college not novel writing. Maybe one day I’ll be like George RR Martin and get to dip my toes into more industry related stuff.

Speaking of George RR Martin… if Jon Snow is really dead in the next book, I’m not buying it. Well I might, but then it will be more of a hate read. Please don’t make me hate the books. And WRITE it.

Okay peace out. Must get back into my writing cave now.

If you have comments on the trailers, please let me know!