Do I meet Mr. Charming?


Do I meet Mr. Charming?

Oct 14, 2016 Part 16

Weight: 116

Ate: My stomach is gnawing

Drank: water 

Sex: If Peter has sex with someone else, maybe I could do… I shouldn’t though. Tonight I’ll be a nun again.

I combed out the knots in my hair after conditioning it for an hour.

In two days I’d have my long hair on display when I filmed a scene pretending to be on a beach where I’d trip over the dead body of a former co-worker where we begin the murder mystery portion of our drama.

However as I opened the bathroom door and steam escaped with me, I heard my phone ringing. The number was unknown, but it didn’t read spam.

I shrugged and decided to answer, fully prepared for a scam when an accent voice of Mr. Charming asked me, “So did you catch your boyfriend in the act?”

My heart beat faster as I fixed the towel around me and asked, “How did you get my number?”

The man chuckled as his answer and then said, “Meet me at the Swan & Bar Bevy at 8 o’clock tonight.”

Arrogant. My skin buzzed with electricity. I liked a man who knew what he wanted, but I pouted as I  said, “I said tomorrow.”

He let out a sigh like he was frustrated with me, or maybe I read too much into that throaty sound before he said, “We both know you’re alone tonight. Tomorrow maybe you’ll find a reason to be with your boyfriend.”

Hmm. If I had a reason to be with Peter, I’d go. One day I’d be his wife and we’d live happily ever after. I imagined myself lounging at his pool with a diamond tiara on my head. But then I blinked and said, “I hope so, but that’s not your business.”

Again the infuriating man sighed and I swore it was his answer without saying a word. Then he said, “If you say so.”

The Swan & Bar Bevy was the hottest new restaurant opened by celebrity chefs. I might get on TV if he had reservations that were near impossible to get.

I’d consider this evening ‘work.’ My agent would approve, but  glanced at my speaker phone as I said, “What if I say I can’t come.”

He smacked his lips. How did a man without a word and over the phone make me this aware of his simple sounds? Goosebumps grew as he called me out and said, “I don’t play hypotheticals Jennifer Gonzales.”

I knew nothing about Mr. Charming, including his name. He’d been at the funeral. Now he had reservations and my number. I swallowed and asked as I made my way to my closet and asked, “How do you know my name?”

He laughed again and said, “It was on your dressing room door. See you in a few hours. Wear something pretty and impress me.”

And he knew where I worked and way more about me than most people. Adrenaline rushed through me but I said anyhow, “We’ll see.”

“Yes, I guess we will.” He answered and then hung up the phone.

I probably shouldn’t go. I know it, but I was curious. So I’d nip this itch away as I tried to figure out what I’d do with the rest of my life, tomorrow. Tonight I’m off to meet Mr. Charming.

The House of Morgan

The House of Morgan

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For some, joining the FBI is a long-term goal. For billionaire John Morgan, joining the Bureau is a stepping stone to proving his father is culpable for his sister’s death. After his estranged father dies, John is forced to return home and face the ghosts of his past. But that proves to be more difficult than he ever imagined.

After losing her best friend under inexplicable circumstances, Alice Collins’ world view shifts until her small town sensibilities convinced her to attend Mr. Morgan’s funeral. Soon, the past and the present collide, and Alice is caught in the crosshairs. But when John comes to her aid, it only serves to complicate matters for both of them.

Can a handsome billionaire on a vendetta fall for a small town girl…or does he have something else in mind?

Fans of Jackie Collins, Danielle Steele, and Bella Andre are addicted to this sweet contemporary romance series!