Do you know the expression when it rains it pours?

This phrase about the rain really hit me this week. So I decided to do Nanowrimo. I was going to write in a whole new genre and check out historical. I hit that story hard, but then November 5th came. Remember, remember, the 5th of November? It’s Guy Falkes Day. I saw V for Vendetta years ago. Now I also have to say my kindle scout round two nomination was bout to begin on the 6th. I thought I’d spend the day organizing how to run a month of asking people to vote for the book without sounding like spam. I intended to make this great marketing plan (but then anyone who knows me understands Marketing and I are not friends.) So what happened? Then my publisher for Mything the Throne emailed me. We talked and I have a month to basically rewrite a book I’ve not thought about in years. I think my writing has grown a lot and now I’m hard at work rewriting something that needs a lot of my time. I’m on my second pot of tea now and only did one chapter. I need to rewrite two more today before I get to go out and have fun. It’s like I’ve just grounded myself. So wish me luck on Mything the Throne. And if you have a moment and want to win a free copy of Stormy Peril, then go and vote for me here.

Stormy Peril

And you should check out my book trailer for this one… I have to say it’s my most favorite one of the ones I’ve made. Tell me what you think!!!