Doing something different


Soon I’ll explain why writing hasn’t been everyday these past few months, though I wish it was. I’m trying to get back in the game, in my head. I miss everyday taking a few hours for writing, and it’s going to come back. As soon as I’m not so tired, all the time.

This weekend I made a deal with other authors. I have to have a book publish ready by May 2016. This means my butt needs to go into a chair and I have to get cracking.

The motivation to do something with other authors is the kick in the butt I need. It helps me settle down and do what I love. I can ignore the sleepiness. I’ve also gone back to basics with concepts and those 300 rejections that basically said ‘this would be awesome if it was YA.’ Well okay. I’ve decided to return to my original series idea and start writing fresh. I have the family tree and the basic set ups from the synopsis. I won’t look at my first ever book as it makes me so sad. (My writing was horrible.) I can use the ideas though and boom… clearly if the ideas are still in my head and I worked out complicated charts a long time ago… I can do this.

I need the support. I’m so excited I have an opportunity now. So cheers. I’m doing something different to stay motivated.  I hope you find whatever new thing you need for motivation to keep going and do what it is you love to do.