Election Day is almost over and Halloween

I live in Florida and I voted early. Waking up Saturday morning at 5 o’clock to vote, I hoped in my car without coffee to arrive at my parents at 6, to pick them up. Then I rushed to Grandma’s house to get her. I made a detour to get that coffee and then we hit the line at 6:40 AM. We were no where near first. But we were all done at 8:30 though I told everyone 9 because we stopped for breakfast. Voting complete.

Election results will hopefully be fair and not crazy like the 2000 election. I hate massive political unrest. Then we move on. 

This whole blogging thing is new. If you are looking to score a free novel, I can’t wait to find out who won my stuff at http://www.romancejunkies.com/halloweencontest2012/halloweenmainpage.html for the haunted house. The site tells me some time later in November who won. First give away. I mention this because Democracy was born in Ancient Athens. My book takes place there, and according to mythology it is King Theseus who decides to have the people’s assembly he must listen to. Pretty forward thinking for an ancient king.