Empty Space at the wedding

So do you rent a hall that’s huge or small? The wedding guest list is holding at 150 at the moment. So it’s a decent sized wedding.

The truth is I always wanted small. Perhaps other romance writers dream of huge fancy weddings with all the trimmings. But I never thought hard about some huge affair. I couldn’t picture it in my head for myself. (Now a character is a different story. I enjoyed writing Gigi and Sean’s wedding alot which appears in Chaperoning Paris.) But for myself, the picture was blank. Or it was two people and a beach and no one else. Okay perhaps the Priest. (I grew up Northern Irish Catholic, not that it truly matters to me what religion anyone is.)

Then the wedding became a real thing and I’ve been having alot of fun planning. There has been drama, but overall everything is coming along.

But back to the point, we rented a hall. Actually it’s a big club house that can house 400 people if they chose inside. And they do affairs every week. Now they agreed to partition the place. So we get one room and they can rent the other. We asked for the bigger room as the chandeliers are nicer. But the wedding would fit in the small section as well.

The debate whether we chose wrong still lingers in my head. We’re not inviting 200 people. Though it’s getting closer at 150. And since we asked for bigger, we now have to fill space so it appears cozier. I google searched an image that is kind of like my reception. (not the same.)

Instead of a head table, the cake, the groom and I are on stage. And no photo booth. And do you see all that open area? Where the cake is on the picture is the DJ.

But there is still ALOT of empty space. I need to fill the place with warmth, but I’m unsure at the moment. Shoe string budget and conceptual issues.

I’m so lost at the moment on how to fill the space so it seems smaller and more inviting. Even with 8 people at a table, so there are more tables, I still have spacial white.

Ideas are welcome! But I’ll keep this conceptual stuff going in my head.