Engaged and Valentine’s Day so wedding planning

This is the morning, and i still don’t have a gift for my fiance. Amazon said it will be here today. He will get one. And it’s what he wants. I hope giving him the Amazon order number in a card is sufficient, if it’s not. I feel terrible. Especially since he bought my gift in the stores and asked my friends and neighbors if I’d like said gift. I’m sure I will. (And I think I know what it is.) But February is always a super busy month for me. It’s my birthday for one. And in Florida it’s writer conferences month. Deciding what writing activity I do on a Saturday takes me out of the house more often than I want.

But let’s not let worry get to us. It’s useless. Next week I’ll talk more wedding adventure planning. But for now it’s Valentine’s.

I had to tell my married friends a few times that ‘no’ I can’t stay at the hotel with you to go to the South West Florida Writers conference. When asked why I would make the early morning Saturday drive, I’m repeating… Valentine’s and I’m engaged. Do married people for so long forget?

Perhaps so, but I lived alone for a few years and completely single. I don’t know that life. Heck, before I met my fiance the best gift I ever received were dead flowers. (They were supposed to be alive, but the sun baked them before I ever came home.) But single women can have a good time together without having to be ‘oh I wish I had a boyfriend.’ And yes, it’s a silly holiday. But I also remember that tiny voice inside the back of my head that agreed out loud singles don’t need, but the torture on the inside of what I hoped was different. One would never guess that thought from the outside looking in. I appeared unphased at the whole thing.

But love is hope that life gets better. It’s why I write romance novels anyhow. So this year, I am super excited about Valentine’s Day. Tonight, I get to be my silly optimistic self and have a good time. Then Saturday morning at the crack of dawn, I drive to the conference. Then Sunday, the fiance and I get to do something else together: hit the after valentine’s day clearance sale. My wedding color is pink. I love pink. The laptop I’m typing this blog on is pink. This is MY holiday to shop for the stuff needed for the wedding. Right now the stage at my wedding reception is completely blank.

Ideas for the stage are coming. For my birthday the dear man took me to a concert. It was Kurdish music and neither of us are Kurdish, but the music was so zen and mediation style without words and I needed that. photo (10)

On the stage, I saw this set up. I had been wondering how to decorate the stage to not look like empty space at the wedding. The place has some fake plants around, so if I can borrow those for the night the greenery is done. But height and flowers in baskets… I LOVE it. And the place won’t be so empty. Yeah.

So Valentine’s day will be useful and not just for buying candy for the candy bar. Craft stores look out. I’ll be there.

But first I have to hit the SouthWest Florida romance writer’s conference to try to talk to people about the next book I want to sell… Winter’s Peril. It’s going to be fun.

Hope everyone has a good day! I’ll update post shopping extravaganza.