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So a couple things. First I’m so excited that my book Taylor’s Legendary Heart is here! You can get it now. Link at the bottom. As it was so much fun to write.

It’s clean. My character Taylor is a fictional pianist in a country band and she’s totally based on Taylor Swift as she’s my go to female singer. And my male character, Eddie, is a British Pop Star with Red Hair. It’s absolutely fiction but I started playing with real life people’s images and the story just presented it self. And it was fun writing can’t talk about sex but it’s a romance. Skirting the subject is pretty easy. I went to Catholic school so avoiding the topic all together is all too familiar. Like I remember in the 5th grade my teacher pulled all the blinds and ensured the doors were locked and then he told us like it was a secret… Darwin’s theory of evolution. He thought we needed to know science based thinking. This is how intense my Catholic school upbringing was so yeah, no sex but sneaking the romance in… totally my cup of tea. So I hope you enjoy it.

When six musicians come together to form an all-girl country band, The Sweethearts of Country Music are born. But can they balance their musical worlds with their personal lives?

Taylor Jones has a gift. She’s never been a big talker, but once she started getting her emotions out on the keys of a piano, she found her peace. Between tough breakups and a move from NYC to Nashville, the piano has been the one constant in her life. And now it’s her ticket to success when she’s asked to join an all girl country band and their first album hits number one.

British pop star Eddie Williams has seven number one hits, three hit albums and one major regret. He never told Taylor he loved her. But every song, every melody has been about the piano player who got away. Now that her face seems to be everywhere he turns, he’s determined to rectify that mistake.

But with their booming careers working to drive them further apart than ever before, can Eddie break through Taylor’s country strong armor and get to the heart he’d lost out on all those years and records ago?

The Sweethearts of Country Music series includes six books by six different authors. Each novel features a member of the band as she struggles to balance music and love.

Second, every month I’m going to start talking about staying positive. It’s a struggle I think we all face daily. My parents sacrificed a lot to send me to fancy school. I remember not having heat one winter because it was too expensive and they chose my school bill. So growing up there was always pressure to be the best. But when I was an adult and free of that pressure and the ease of school because honestly school is about tests and being the best is getting good grades. There is structure there. It can be done, especially when my parents are checking the grades. But once school finished… I was lost in many ways in my 20s. I was anxious because I didn’t have that structure or need to perform anymore. I wasn’t married or with children and probably wouldn’t have been the same mom I am now as I wasn’t ready. I didn’t really know me. So learning to keep the thoughts in my head positive instead of soul crushing was a struggle. So I put together my top ten tips. Every month I’ll be on talking more about positivity because it’s a daily struggle, but to me it’s lifelong and important.
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Starbucks Disaster just tops it off but generally everything Mon, 09 Sep 2019 12:26:19 +0000 So I’m busy writing my Christmas story I love writing but had to wait till now to write. So this will be December’s book. I love writing a Christmas book a year, but usually I’m releasing next month so it’s already done. But with the stress of moving, finding a preschool for my now three year old, buying a house, living in a hotel for a week to buy said house… everything was just ‘wow’ and hit me all at once.

But I will get it done and then start really getting down to business on 2020, finally.

And you’re absolutely invited where I’ll be wearing my party hat to my facebook event on Friday. This is for my new release with a publisher so i don’t have control over where they publish but I’m super excited. Writing this was just so much fun. I want to write more just fun stories in the future!

And now for my funny/tragic/well still funny real life story. So Friday was my daughter’s first day of preschool. I’m overwhelmed. She’d never been out of my sight since the day she was born. Emotionally I’m not good. Now she’s fine and like ‘bye.’ So I know logically she’s fine. But I’m a wreck. So I headed to the nearest Starbucks because it’s pumpkin spice season. And that’s my favorite drink of the year in there. So off I go. I’m so excited. The nearest Starbucks has tons of people in the car line but it seems no one’s parked. So I unpacked the one year old and we head inside. I need this drink. Yeah. I’m behind a customer from Albania. I know she’s from Albania as the cashier asks her where she’s from, if it’s beautiful there, and that she wants to go as the cashier has never left Pittsburgh. (Cashier is maybe 18.) I’m holding my one year old and thinking ‘go kid, see the world.’ Finally it’s my turn. I order my drink. Then we sit as I’m holding a technically 16 month child on my hip. She’s asking for her sister. I am telling her she’s in school and I think she wants to go be with her sister but she can’t speak.

Now they called my name first. Yeah. I maneuver picking up my child and head to the counter for my drink. As I’m reaching to pick it up, the lady at counter calls out the Albanian woman’s name and everything went slow motion. I’m reaching… she missed putting it down and the frappachino the lady order started spinning in the air. As it crashes on the counter the liquid flies everywhere. It’s on me. It’s in my hair. It’s on my toddler’s clothes and her bald head. And to top it off the Albanian lady is screaming that her order is wrong. The workers are apologizing to her. And I interjected with the ‘can I have a napkin?’ and she points me around the corner. So such more this fun morning. Eek. Luckily I can wash my hair that evening and my drink tasted well.

But at my virtual book release party no drinks will fly in the air. No one will be screaming over you that their drink is wrong as it lands on someone else’s head. So come on over and hang out for a few hours on Friday. You can wear your pajamas if you want as you aren’t leaving your house.

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#RoyalRomance Scandal with a Prince Mon, 09 Sep 2019 11:48:10 +0000 Go check out this book too and click here for an excerpt, audio sample, and retail links.
A one night stand. A lifelong obsession.

One magical summer, Megan Hallberg met—and loved—Prince Stefano Barrali. But his royal duties took him home, and when she discovered she carried his child, she also discovered he was engaged…to a beautiful, worldly aristocrat.

Ten years later, Stefano runs into Megan at the grand opening of a Barcelona hotel, and it’s his every sensual fantasy come to life. His memory of the stunning blonde and their passionate summer has haunted his dreams, and a night under the stars gives him the perfect opportunity to reclaim the woman he thought lost to him.

Megan finds herself torn between passion with a prince and a fierce need to protect her daughter. Can the man who captured her heart so many years ago be her destiny…or her downfall?

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