Festivals, Heat, Dehydration and FUN; when was I writing?

A friend of mine invited me to the Greek Festival at her Church, Saint Sophia‘s. Saturday is my writing with friends day, and we wrote from 10 AM to almost 4 PM. For an hour, I talked to one friend, whose awesome. She’s good people, and Church going every Sunday type. Other friend we’re meeting is also good people, but been lapse on her Church going. She needed to go check out the Orthodoxy, so we went to support her. Great fun, though Greek beer is light. Yes, I own up to my culture. Former Catholic school girl writes this blog, and despite my craziness at times, I’ve always found peace and been one of the more devout types. The protestant one on Saturday, she’s much more diligent these days, and I respect that. I know how to order, find readers, and organize the Mass for a Sunday though I’ve not gone in years.

Has the white smoke gone up for the New Pope? (I’m so out of it right now, be prepared for random tangents. Sun and no water means I’m dehydrated.) I find the whole election fascinating, though I mentioned to my friends at this Church festival, as a woman, I’m going with the Jewish view on women and the Church. Women self corrected when the men sinned during the Golden Calf incident, and the women did not participate. Men must pray more than us and do the ceremonies because they need it. I buy this one so much more than I buy Original Sin, which basically means women are lower and unworthy. Pretty sure, I’ve seen more women praying in my days then the men my age. Logically, something seemed off. I’ll probably be kicked out of a Church for saying that, but this was my Saturday and visiting the Orthodox Cathedral was fascinating.

Now today, I’m off to the Ren Faire, where it’s bodacious bodices weekend. Yep, the women are on full display. I wore jeans and a green tee shirt, with nothing showing. But it was so HOT in South Florida today. How could anyone be wearing those heavy renaissance clothes and survive? I’m beat, slightly sunburned, and I have thousands of freckles from the sun on my face now.

Next Saturday it’s off to the races again. Protestant girl wants to see her roots, so we’re off to the Highland Games. She’s Scottish. My Irish background will be excited to be there.

Now it’s up to me to plan out Saint Patrick‘s Day. I cannot let my own culture get waylaid in cultural revisiting weekend.

I’ve not written anything today, unless you count the 100 emails I sent out for my volunteer position to help other writers.

Someone pass the Guinness. Oh wait. No. Must get up early tomorrow and go back to routine. Sometimes it would be nicer to have longer weekends. Where do we sign up for that?

Hope y’all had awesome weekends.


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