Final Edits sent, wedding photographer and invitations

What takes more energy, a full time job, putting effort into making writing a full time job, or planning a wedding? I’m not quite sure. If I was busy before, I’ve stepped up to the next level. And it’s all exciting and fun, but my I want everything to work out mentality is taking on quite a load.

Oh and add that starting in January I’m a new Vice President of Florida Romance Writers. If you live in South Florida and wish to address our writing group, let me know. Send in your proposals.

Today I sent in the final edits for The Zoastra Affair that comes out next month. I’m so excited for this release. Last week I made the final version of the book trailer.

Ariel and Cross are coming out and I’m working on the sequel. No where near done, but it’s a work in progress now.

In personal news, the wedding invitations ordered, menu selected, photographer selected and all that is coming along.

Organizational skills will be challenged to grow. It’s the only option left for me. As stress is a killer, and all of this stuff in life is exciting. Love is amazing. Writing is amazing. And life is also, amazing. We only get one, and we’re to enjoy every moment. And surprisingly everything is coming along. I have stated for the past year that 2014 would be AMAZING, and now it seems so funny. I called it.

What I wish for everyone on Sunday is to not just make a wish. What we should do is think about one thing we want in our lives. (It can be more than one if you are brave.) Write it down. Don’t wish it. Believe what you write down. (So don’t write I want to be an astronaut unless you are in the field of study.) Write down a life goal that can happen. Then put it away, under the mattress, on your fridge if you need daily reminders of it, then next year… heck wait till Christmas to give it the extra month… see if you did it.

The Zoastra Affair started because all my life I was a science fiction girl. I grew up on Star Wars and Star Trek. I’ve been to conventions. Heck I held the “Save Enterprise” rally in South Florida and made it on the news. I read comic books growing up and I was a Marvel girl before it was popular and before the movie releases. (I don’t like Singer’s version of the X-Men, except for Hugh Jackman. He’s hot.) So I’ve loved science fiction set in space and dealing with aliens all my life. Yet in books, the visual world I loved was a rare book to find. Space ship. Battle. Aliens. Mission. Team. Dark fantasy is good. But I wanted to read about a different world, where humans and space exploration happen without being dystopian. The world is not about to come to come terrible end. Life is too good for that, and human ingenuity gets underplayed. So while post apocalypse stuff is fun too, it’s not my world. So as I can’t find the books, I decided to write the books.

I hope next month everyone enjoys it. I had fun. And now I must go out. I wish everyone the best.