First born is almost here

summer is here

So no more discussing Hilary, Bernie or Donald this year without giving political opinion. As an AP Government teacher, I have a lot of info on how primaries work, how government works and how election cycles work. I can quote the powers of the president and congress. It’s what I get a paid to do and yes speaking about this current election without getting political with my opinion is harder than ever. (Obama versus McCain and Obama versus Romney was so much easier to give both sides without opinion.)

Now that the end of the school year is here, I have a lot of changes that are about to hit me.

This will be the first year I’m not there to say hello to my new students and welcome back the old ones in the fall.


My due date is 4 days before school begins for teachers. I’ll probably have my baby by then so I’ll be wrapped up getting to know my little girl.

I’ve never not woken up to go to work. I don’t know how this whole home for a few weeks will pan out. Normally my summer is packed with places to visit, things to do, and always included RWA (Romance Writers of America). This year my summer plans include air conditioning and the swimming pool until my baby shows up.

My house is not ready for her. This is on the summer list as well.

My baby shower will be in a few weeks so hopefully I’ll have a few things by then to figure out how to arrange the place and where my little girl is sleeping.

So many changes, but what my students will like is that ‘there are no tests’ over the summer as this teacher is preparing for the biggest test of her life… giving birth.

Any advice on preparation is welcomed!

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