Florida Romance Writer Cruise and preparing for performance tomorrow

This week I sound super busy. I will post a few pictures of the cruise, and yes I look HORRID in a few of the pictures, and I’m lowering my girl card to post these.

First was an awesome book signing. I was so excited to be there, and met people, though I have two horrid pictures.


Girl voice says, ‘you look tired and silly.’ Ignoring that voice, I was excited to sell my novels. Woot. Woot.

photo (1)

Mything You is like a good beach read set in an unusual time and place. I’ll take it. I do have my membership card in the Florida Romance Writers.

photo (2)

Be lucky you weren’t on stage for karaoke with us. We sang ‘I will survive.’ Truth of the matter is that I was on my way to look for a few of these awesome women to give them money. Instead I was pulled on stage and joined in the singing. Someone dared give me a microphone. They had no idea that I’m an untrained soprano. In Church I’ve been asked to NOT sing. But on stage, I sang my heart out.

photo (4)

Here is the entire cruise. Editors and honored guests in the front. The rest of us in the back. Im in red, second row behind Charlaine Harris. Ms. Harris did not say who Sookie chose in the next book, despite being asked. Heather Graham is an awesome person.


My blue dress is not a good color on me. I’m so jealous of Micki Nuding in red. Pretty blond in yellow was my roommie. I’m thinking of burning the blue dress. I never sported that color right.


On a cruise, dinner is amazing. And if you haven’t read Pearl Wolf or Carol Stephenson‘s books, you so should. I love talking to Ms. Wolf. We’re both Aquarius women and I want to be like her when I grow up.


555167_592328170782244_1026867194_nWow a better picture of me at the signing. I’m talking up a storm or listening to someone. I love talking to people about books, and now I get to talk about mine. Woot, woot.

Now for something way less vain. I’m back at work, and for a fundraiser for the school, I’m performing on stage. I’ll be the white trash bridesmaid in tomorrow’s show. Tell me to break a leg, and if you are in South Miami… let me know. Show starts at 7 PM tomorrow. Does this mean one loses their shame while one ages?