Forbidden Earl Release Day

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I wanted to introduce the characters. First you have Remington Burke, whose above us and on the cover. He’s earned more than a billion dollars on his own. He’s loyal to his grandmother, whose the one who raised him, and sure he likes to have fun in life. He’s had a string of girlfriends throughout his life and he’d never been without arm candy whenever he needed it. However his heart has never been engaged in any of these relationships. Also he grew up knowing Cassidy Bright and he knows that she’s smarter than him. They were friends since childhood though she pulled away as they grew older, but he always assumed it was because of their differing life styles.

The girl by the computer is how I envisioned Cassidy. She’s smart. She’s capable. And sure she wears glasses and her hair is a bit of a mess. She built the computer program that the royal princes all used to find their brides. She also believes in love and fairy tales, though she’s unsure that Remington is truly her true love. She agrees to marry him because his grandmother wants them too, but spending time with Remington wasn’t how she planned her life.

Next up is Cassidy’s sister, Chelsea, and this blonde is how I always pictured her. The photo isn’t the best as Chelsea is all about matching everything. But she’s young, blonde, beautiful and slightly immature. Her older sister Cassidy has always taken care of all the family issues and they both have them. Their parents aren’t exactly financially responsible. Chelsea’s been the more pampered daughter though as she’s used to her older sister or her parents taking care of everything, but she knows her duty to the family is to marry rich. Her parents need the cash and she’s never been without. However she’s not exactly the most mature woman on the planet and makes bad decisions, assuming every man must want her. However under that false confidence and immaturity is a woman whose capable of so much more.

Last on the list of women to introduce is Lucinda, the model ex-girlfriend of Remy. Lucinda was/is a model. She’s beautiful on the outside, which was why Remington was with her to begin with. However Remy wasn’t stupid either. He knew neither one of them were in love so he proposed marriage with a prenuptial that guarantees that Lucinda gets none of of his money, ever. She’ll live on an allowance at best which is why she said ‘no’ when he asked and left. He thought that was the end when she moved out of his house which looks like Pemberly from Pride and Prejudice and he never really thought she’d come back to cause any problems, but Lucinda has always been about the bottom line and Remington is the richest man she’s ever known.

So with these women around true love isn’t easy to figure out for Cassidy or Remington, but change and trust can grow. And happily-ever-after is possible.


Forbidden Crown

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Prince Antonio Aussa is almost out of time. If he doesn’t find a wife within the next two weeks, he’ll be forced to forsake his destiny and disappoint his parents.

Kristin Wells is desperate for money. If she doesn’t find a well-paying job soon, her dream of finishing grad school will die.

When Kristin walks into Antonio’s Miami office, he sees a way out of his royal dilemma, but first he needs to convince her to go along with his plan. Their whirlwind pretend romance turns into something more. But soon their seemingly perfect union stirs up more trouble than they could have ever imagined, jeopardizing their agreement.

With everything on the line for them, can the couple from opposite worlds find a way to make their arrangement work, or will their deeper connection cause them to lose everything in the end, including each other?

Forbidden Prince

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Marcus Aussa is bound by duty to find a bride. The task should be easy enough for the handsome prince, but finding the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with is vastly different from what he’s accustomed to. When his oldest brother welcomes his new bride and her friend to Avce, Marcus thinks he may have found the perfect woman.

When Renee Brown agrees to escort her best friend on a trip to Avce, she knows it will be the experience of a lifetime. Her theory proves true when she meets Marcus, the crown prince’s handsome younger brother. What begins as innocent flirty turns into a whirlwind summer fling. But their short time together draws them closer than expected, so close that known assassin’s target both. As the danger increases, Marcus’ protective nature takes hold. Now, neither can imagine their lives without the other.

When their time together comes to an end, will they welcome the distance or will they do whatever it takes to be together forever?

Forbidden Royal

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Political consultant Amy Fields only experienced jealousy once in her life, and that’s the way she’d like to keep it. Watching her older sister carry-on with the boy she absolutely adored in high school enough to make her never want to feel second-best again.

Now, successful in her own right. She’s making strides in her career and meeting interesting people, but one client takes a keen interest in her life and he’s determined to ensure she never finds a happy ending with the boy she loved.

Prince Lucio Aussa can have any woman he wants, but he’s grown tired of superficial relationships. When his brother convinces him that he can find the perfect bride online, Lucio reluctantly agrees. The search dredges up old feelings about Amy’s  older sister, and prompts him to want to rekindle their broken relationship. But when the internet search points to Amy as his perfect mate, that changes everything. Now, he must reconcile the feelings he had for her sister with the realization that Amy is far more interesting than she ever was. To make matters worse, as his feelings for her grow, an enemy emerges threatening to ruin any hope of love for either of them.

Can the overcome their preconceived notions about each other and find common ground together or will yet another obstacle stand in their way?

Forbidden Duke

The story is like Under the Tuscan Sun goes to Cinderella’s Royal Ball.

Forbidden Duke:

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Donna Smith has always dreamed of seeing how the other half lives. When she finds herself out of a job, she uses her downtime to finally get out and see the world, and her first destination is to witness a royal wedding in Avce.

With the first item checked off her bucket list, she sets out to check off the remaining items one by one…as soon as she can figure out how to sneak into the reception undetected and find a handsome stranger to lock lips with.

Blackwell Oberlin, the Duke of Oakley Woods, promised his father he’d one day marry, but on one condition: she has to be someone unlike anyone he’s ever met. When on a whim he plants a kiss on a beautiful stranger, he thinks he’s met the one, but before he knows what’s happened, she’s nowhere to be found and he can’t stop thinking about her.

Using his money and influence, he hires a security team and a girl with a sophisticated algorithm to find her. But when he does, will it lead to a happily-ever-after?

Forbidden Earl

The Matchmaker gets Matched. This is a modern day Jane Austen’s Emma who uses her computer skills to help others find true love.

Forbidden Earl:

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Cassidy Bright is infamous in Avce for her ability to help others find love. Her algorithm has never failed. Behind the scenes, though, know one knows who she based her program on, and she’d like to keep it that way. But when her muse requests her services, she’s not so inclined to oblige.

Remington Burke IV, the Earl of Sky, has everything he wants, except a wife. At the urging of his ailing grandmother, he seeks out help from the only person he knows can help him – Cassidy. Marriage is almost guaranteed, but she’s reluctant to let him see his match. The longer they squabble about it, the more attracted to her he becomes.

Could the woman of his dreams be the geeky girl with the magical algorithm or has desperation clouded his judgment?

Forbidden Monsieur

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Slightly pampered lady. One sexy French, vineyard owner.

An unexpected romance set in both wine country and Paris between two opposites with almost nothing in common except undeniable chemistry.

Forbidden Monsieur

Lady Chelsea Bright is many things, but a romantic is not one of them. With her family in dire straits, she must marry a wealthy suitor to ensure their security, but that means she’ll have to sacrifice her art and travel to Paris to meet Duc Astorre Manfredi, and never submit her art for a showing that was set up for her.

Alexandre Travers has one goal in mind – to rebuild his family’s vineyard in the South of France. That means he must concentrate his efforts on producing the best grapes possible and completely rebranding the organization because there’s no room for error. The last thing he needs is distractions, but that’s exactly what he gets when a distracted driver crashes her car on his property and destroys all his hard work.

Chelsea needs a ride to Paris but volunteers to stay and help repair the property and despite the trouble she’s caused, but these two opposites soon find themselves growing closer. Soon, that budding friendship begins to look and feel like love, but is it enough to make Chelsea abandon her plans and begin anew?